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Ace your next phone screen or interview armed with the right data about YOU. Organizations’ want to hire smart people, but more importantly people who can communicate how they uniquely process information, solve problems and build concepts.

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The Hartman Value Profile (HVP) helps us become more aware of our individual capacity. It provides the opportunity to experience the combination of talent that defines our uniqueness: the strengths and the biases that focus thinking, the natural skills we use from day to day to make decisions, and the areas for development. Through this experience we can gain more clarity, achieve more balance, and improve our ability to be who we are in a healthy and confident manner.

For the Individual 

Understanding your individual thinking style will allow you to speak the language of any hiring manager or recruiter. Organizations’ want to hire smart people, but more importantly, people who understand how they uniquely process information, solve problems and build concepts.

Your thinking and mental processing ability, like a musical or sports talent, can be honed and improved. However, to improve one’s decision-making, an individual must first fully understand the balance of thinking style strengths and challenges.

For the Organization

This unique assessment measures each individual’s thinking style. An individual’s thinking style is defined by their problem solving strengths, their problem solving struggles and their ability to avoid the blind spots associated with situational bias.

The HVP is not a psychological, intelligence, or aptitude test. Instead, the assessment objectively captures the specific thinking pattern and documents the brain’s natural selection process when making decisions. Understanding the ability to process information is directly linked to leveraging strengths and limiting potential performance blockers.

Executives, managers, and employers responsible for others will find it useful:

  • for discovering the strengths and weaknesses of their associates and potential employees,
  • for identifying areas where additional training may be needed;
  • for building work teams and groups,
  • for measuring group morale and spirit,
  • for determining suitability for promotions and job re-allocations,
  • for retaining existing employees and hiring people who are likely to stay in their jobs, thus cutting down significantly on replacement and training costs, and
  • in accident prevention

There are three core thinking dimensions + six sub-dimensions measured by the Hartman Value Profile:

  1. People (Intuitive Thinking) is measured by assessing Empathy and Self Esteem.
  2. Task (Practical Thinking) is measured by assessing Practical Judgment and Role Awareness.
  3. Systems (Conceptual Thinking) is measured using Systems Judgment and Self Direction.

All three report versions reveal thinking style insights about problem solving aptitude, thinking style communication and prioritized strengths, while also highlighting areas in need of development.




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