HR Girlfriends & Tootris Partnership

TOOTRiS has revolutionized Child Care benefits, making available the only turn-key platform that enables employers to incorporate low-cost, high-value support to working parents with zero administration.

TOOTRiS has revolutionized Child Care benefits, making available the only turn-key platform that enables employers to incorporate low-cost, high-value support to working parents with zero administration.

TOOTRiS Child Care benefits provide exponential human capital ROI allowing companies of all sizes to eliminate Child Care as a barrier to growth and compete with higher retention, recruiting, productivity, and zero HR admin burden.

What Makes Us Special

TOOTRiS has reimagined Child Care as the first and only technology solution that unites all the key stakeholders – parents, providers, employers, agencies – into a single platform enabling them to connect and transact in real-time. This allows parents to quickly find, vet, and enroll from over 185,000 licensed Child Care options in real-time, and for employers to seamlessly incorporate family support into their benefits – at a fraction of the cost of current solutions.



Before TOOTRiS, options for employers to provide Child Care benefits were limited at best, cost prohibitive, and imposed heavy HR burden. 

Specifically Built for Business

TOOTRiS is design-built specifically for employers as a turn-key benefit solution that revolutionizes Child Care, providing working parents instant access to the most comprehensive selection of options to meet their specific Child Care needs, work schedules, budgets, and geographic location all in real-time. In addition, TOOTRiS increases Dependent Care FSA utilization by making it easier for parents to access funds.

Tootris Employer Benefit

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Seamless Integration

TOOTRiS makes it simple to deploy, manage, and integrate with existing HRIS to provide:

Launch in as Little as 10 Days

With the ability to launch in a matter of days, at any time of the year, TOOTRiS provides employers of all sizes the ability to scale with immediate net positive ROI and higher employee engagement.


TOOTRiS Child Care benefits drive a 70% increase in talent attraction and retention, providing the highest return on human capital investment.


TOOTRiS was designed to work with existing HRIS and can improve FSA utilization by drawing directly from FSA set aside funds – with zero administration required.


With 82% of parents struggling to find Child Care, TOOTRiS provides solutions for every type of care no matter where employees live or what time they work.


TOOTRiS allows employees to become more engaged and productive while advancing DEI initiatives and eliminating Child Care as a barrier to equitable advancement.

Member Child Care Benefit

Now you can find quality Child Care options that are convenient and affordable - in real-time!

  • HR Girlfriends has partnered with TOOTRiS, a service that helps you quickly find, schedule, enroll, and pay for care - even find subsidies.
  • Find Child Care options that fit your needs including full-time, part-time, after school, summer camps, learning centers, and more.
  • Normally a $300/year service, TOOTRiS is $34.95/year for HR Girlfriend members!

The TOOTRiS Platform Makes it Easy to Find, Manage, Enroll, and Pay for Child Care - All in Real-Time.

Use any device to sign up on your HR Girlfriends Child Care benefit portal

Find Child Care providers in your area and sort by over 100 unique filters

Compare, vet, chat, call & virtually tour Child Care providers that fit your needs

Apply, enroll, and pay using ACH or Debit/Credit Card

TOOTRiS empowers HR Girlfriends member parents with online resources and concierge support to help you enroll your children in safe, nurturing, and affordable programs, all in real time, using any modern device.

See Real-Time Availability

By accessing TOOTRiS, parents will be able to instantly see availability in real-time and up to 12-months in advance.

Licensed & Safe Environments

We’re committed to ensuring your child is in a safe, nurturing & licensed environment with caring providers.

Personal Concierge Support

Our team of Family Support Specialists provides 1-on-1 assistance with your Child Care search.

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