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Where HR goes to get their time back.

We make it simple by helping you to automate and follow up on manual, administrative tasks so you can give your strategic initiatives the time they deserve.

= HR's Very Own Communications Dept.

Discover, design, and send communications during the moments that matter most throughout the employee journey.

Let’s face it, employee engagement isn’t where it could be because you don’t have enough hours in the day to communicate effectively with your employees.

Ways Change Engine can change the game for your HR Dept:

✓ Send employees a monthly Newsletter to promote company activities and employee moments that matter
✓ Create a birthday or work anniversary acknowledgement campaign, using existing data via an integration with your HRIS.
✓ Take new employees through an automated communication journey using Slack, Text and Email to periodically send important on-boarding info just when they need it.

Don't Lie


of organizational programs fail


leaders are 9 times more likely to be criticized for under-communicating than over-communicating

86% of employees cite Lack of effective Communication as the main reason for workplace failures.


Visuals increase employee's desire to read & retain content by 80%.


Employees can follow instructions 323% better when visuals are used


Employees can recall 65% of the visual content they see three days later.


Communications that invclude images produce 650% higher engagement.


The human brain processes visuals 60,000 faster than plain text.

Employee moments that matter for CSR. compliance. culture & values. ESG. people programs. advocacy. onboarding. DEIB. manager coaching. health & wellness.

Discover, design, and send communications during the moments that matter most throughout the employee journey.

Stay on top of it with best-in-class people program templates.

Inspiring templates for every employee-focused program you can ever imagine. Find what’s right for your company, then customize & launch it across preferred channels of delivery.

Manager Coaching

Train and galvanize managers to be the best leader at every step of the employee journey.


Achieve compliance statuses faster by automating company-wide tasks and follow-ups.

Return of the Office

Get ahead of The Great Resignation by deploying best practices from companies leading the pack.


Onboard new employees effortlessly by connecting your existing systems for a streamlined experience.


Create a workplace that reinforces diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging for all.

Employee Advocacy

Encourage your employees to act as brand ambassadors and evangelize your organization.

Join leading organizations using ChangeEngine to power their people experience...

Case Study: How Andela Decreased Time To Productivity & Retained Top Talent via Tech & Services Andela

Andela is a global company with 400 employees. Before deploying ChangeEngine, they were spending millions of dollars rolling out programs without the ability to showcase the impact.

Furthermore, Andela’s teams were spending 120 hours per month designing programs from scratch. Internal communications & aligning global teams were left to chance.

Leveraging ChangeEngine’s design services & tech automation, Andela orchestrated their employee lifecycle, which led to:

Saving 40%-150% of base salaries by retaining employees at flight risk
Decreasing time to productivity by 33% in the first 30 days of onboarding
Freeing up 120 hours per month to focus on strategic objectives

Our People team is lean, yet we need to take care of hundreds of employees. Without tech, we couldn't effectively manage our programs to support our employees globally.

Alison Shea

Director of People

Instead of spending $160K on a full-time hire for internal communications & program design, I brought onboard ChangeEngine for a fraction of the cost. Our execs love the deliverables.

Vitri Bhandari

Chief People Officer

In a Competitive Labor Market,

Companies Need to Treat Their Employees Like Their Internal Customers.

We'll be an extension of your team.

With ChangeEngine, you’ll have a dedidcated team who’ll be working around  the clock for you.

Create Your Own Branded Graphics In Seconds

“Take Us For a Test Spin”

Find, Edit & Brand engaging communication pieces you can use right now with your employees. Apply your company branding to 400+ templates.

This is just a sample of what’s possible when working with Change Engine. Our team can create almost anything you and your team can conceptualize.

Integrate with your existing tools to save time spent on manual work.

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