To Do: ✅ Pull Hair Out

It’s 4pm on Monday. You glance at your to-do list and this is what you see scheduled –

▢ 1 exit interview,
▢ an applicant tracking system demo,
▢ a discussion with an employee about their attendance,
▢ and a sit-down with the company VP to discuss a possible change in benefits for the following year.

Oh, on top of all of that you have someone on her way down to your office to…

▢ discuss possible sexual harassment.

And that is just what is left for today!!! Your stress level is so high you can’t even see it and you are adding ✅ “pull hair out!” to your to-do list.

Whether you are an HR Department of 1 or have multiple people in your group, having the resources and support to help with your day-to-day activities and tasks is critical to your professional success and let’s face it – your sanity!  That’s where our HR Support Solutions come in.

Why HR On-Demand?

When we say “unlimited,” we mean it. You can ask our HR Pros as many questions as you need to, online, over the phone, or through our mobile app. Our Pros will even create or customize HR forms, documents, letters, and tools for your business. And our Pros are pretty good at what they do.


Our top-notch team of HR Pro's are available to answer your HR compliance and employee management questions. Our HR Pros have an average of 13 years’ HR consulting experience in areas ranging from Health Care Reform to Performance Management to Hiring and Terminations, and more.


An employee handbook should be reviewed at least once annually - With HR On-Demand, our HR Pros will create and customize a comprehensive employee handbook for your organization. Already have a handbook? We’ll update and review your existing handbook.


Our live chat feature – HR Concierge – allows you to easily identify and locate the HR issues and tools you need when you need them most. A member of our HR team is just a chat away.


Our HR Pros work with you to create customized documents for your organization. From job descriptions to forms to letters, you're covered.


You will always know the status of the questions you submit to our HR Pros, by using the Ticket Tracker. It displays detailed ticket information, including which HR Pro has been assigned to respond when an answer will be ready, and a summary of the question.

We cover all 50 states

HR On-Demand

HR On-Demand provides phone & email support 8 am – 8 PM EST, handled by our seasoned HR Pros who are J.D., PHR, SPHR and GPHR certified Professionals. From handling an employee crisis, to how to put together a company handbook, to examples of job descriptions and everything in between, we are there to help.

Once you provide us the details of your problem/inquiry just walk away knowing we will have a compliant answer waiting for you within 24 hours or less. Stop the expensive calls to your attorney! Your boss will be forever in your debt.


HR On-Demand

Starting At
$ 49
  • 50 States; HR Compliance
  • HR Concierge
  • Unlimited Ask the HR Pro
  • Document Customization
  • Custom Handbook Development**
  • Ticket Tracker
  • Live Sexual Harassment Training

HR On-Demand

Unlimited access to our team of certified HR Pros who will answer your questions and create custom handbooks,  letters, forms, and job descriptions for you.

  • Policy Library
  • Job Description
  • HR Form, Checklists & Documents
  • Law Alerts
  • Employee Handbook Tools
  • HR Self Audit
  • HRCast
  • Q&A Stream
  • Articles
  • HR Advisor Newsletter
  • Training On-Demand
  • Quick Guides
  • Benefits Tools and Library
  • Resource Center
  • Weekly HR Snapshots
  • HRPro Mobile
  • HR Concierge
  • Unlimited Ask the Pro
  • Document Customization
  • Custom Handbook Development
  • Ticket Tracker
  • Live Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
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