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Maximize hiring and retention efforts, increase employee productivity, improve team building and boost performance with our personality and behavior assessments.

It’s important for job candidates to demonstrate the attitudes and behaviors that would enable them to succeed in each company’s unique environment, but how can interviews alone be enough for you to make a decision? The answer is they aren’t.

Assessments work by measuring a variety of criteria: intellectual ability, achievement motivation, skill proficiency, work styles, personality characteristics, and personal values. Assessments are a first step toward establishing a solvent bedrock of talent for any company.

The benefits of using assessments can be profound:
1. Accuracy in hiring and selection.
2. Reduce employee turnover.
3. More accurate promotions.
4. Reduced training costs.
5. Increased employee sense of well-being.

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DISC Assessment

Our DISC reports are as much prescriptive as they are descriptive. In other words, they pinpoint the insights users need to improve their interpersonal outcomes and workplace dynamics. While our reports do go into considerable detail describing each user’s natural and adaptive DISC behavioral style, we believe this is only the first step.

What good is understanding your behavioral style without the actionable lessons to leverage them?

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The Motivators assessment identifies the seven personal “drivers” which exist in everyone to varying levels. By taking detailed measurements across the seven Universal Dimensions of Motivation, this popular assessment is able to offer the insights needed to align an individual’s inherent motivations and values with their workplace responsibilities.

Where-as DISC enables you to understand (and even predict) HOW someone will behave, Motivators reveals WHY.

After all, is it ideal to develop a commissioned sales professional who isn’t motivated by economics? Or a team supervisor who doesn’t sufficiently value regulation?

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What good is understanding your behavioral style without the actionable lessons to leverage them?

Download our information sheet to learn more.

Emotional IQ

A person with a high emotional intelligence is more likely to be aware of – and manage his/her behavior in – stressful workplace situations. That balance lends itself to improved decision-making and leadership.

Studies show that someone with a high EIQ is also likely to be better at “reading” the emotions in others, thereby engaging them for more profitable and mutually beneficial outcomes, whether that be in sales, entrepreneurship, human resources or even collaborative projects.

The emotional intelligence trend in business is REAL… and it’s only getting bigger. Don’t find yourself unequipped.

Hartman Value Profile

This unique assessment measures each individual’s thinking style. An individual’s thinking style is defined by their problem solving strengths, their problem solving struggles and their ability to avoid the blind spots associated with situational bias. 
There are three core thinking dimensions + six sub-dimensions measured by the Hartman Value Profile:
  1. People (Intuitive Thinking) is measured by assessing Empathy and Self Esteem
  2. Task (Practical Thinking) is measured by assessing Practical Judgment and Role Awareness
  3. Systems (Conceptual Thinking) is measured using Systems Judgment and Self Direction

Learning Styles

The Learning Styles assessment identifies each individual’s best means for learning and retaining new information. Some people like to process information through text, while others need visual support and images.
Understanding learning styles offers the key to maximizing an organization’s training investments, enlightening its management teams and even assembling top performing teams. Effective training and development strategies, and onboarding processes are enhanced when learning styles are taken into consideration.
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