Side Hustle Blueprint Group Coaching Program

$197.00 $167.00 / month for 12 months

Side Hustle Blueprint Group Coaching Program

Your 9 – 5 is your job, entrepreneurship is your dream!


Join a group of like-minded professionals led by Sana’ Rasul, your dedicated Career & Business Coach and a host of guest experts.

Designed specifically with the HR and Business Professional in mind. It takes one to know one!

      • Start earning the kind of money your ideas and talents deserve, so you can have more free time for family, travel, and yourself.
      • Designed to help you stop wasting time by targeting the biggest obstacles any side hustler experiences, and guide you to remove them, get around them or punch through them!
      • Make 2020 the year you plan, launch and make money running your own business.

What you can expect to cover

      • Starting the Right Business
      • Business Plans
      • Patent & Trademark
      • Copywriting
      • Marketing
      • Technology (website, apps, etc)
      • Money Mindset: scarcity vs. abundance
      • Social Media
      • Pricing Strategies
      • and much more…..

You’re worth the investment!

        • 2 – 90 minute online sessions per month.
          1st and 3rd Tuesday evening (8:00 PM  – 9:30 PM ET) – starting Tuesday, March 3, 2020
        • All sessions will be live and recorded for playback, in the event you can’t attend a session.
        • By registering for this Program, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.


      • Private Facebook Group: share ideas, swap resources, and get answers to your burning business questions.
      • Guest Experts: learn everything from social media marketing, copywriting, book writing, and more from the best experts around.
      • Business Resources: master your business through the use of various planners, guides, and checklists designed to offer you new skills and strategies.


I’m not sure when my entrepreneurial bug kicked in, but I do remember sitting in front of the T.V. as a young woman watching Oprah interview Sarah Blakely, the creator of Spanx (shapewear no woman should live without). I was immediately inspired by her story of corporate grind to riches. Sarah took $5K and turned a great idea, hard work, and ingenuity into a multi-million dollar empire. The irony of it all is that I didn’t have a need for her product at the time (although that has changed), but if she could do it so could I. 

Side Hustle Blueprint is the foundation required to just do it already. You have talked about, thought about, and mulled over your dream of starting your own business long enough. There isn’t any magic or start-up money attached to this experience, but what is available to you is a blueprint for how to “be” a successful business owner. You’ll walk away with clarity about what’s next in your journey from Working Professional to Entrepreneur.


Sana’ Rasul






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