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It was 2010 and I wanted in really bad...

With one semester to go in my grad school program I was determined to land a gig in human resources, even if it killed me.

Sure, I landed an ideal job as an HR Associate on my own, but it wasn’t until I got serious about surrounding myself with HR game changers that my career took off.

Fast forward. I’m not only doing the work I love, but I am supported by a global community of women ready to help me succeed, on and off the clock.

Sana' Rasul

Chief Girlfriend

Membership has its perks!


It’s 2019 and mentors are hard to come by, but what if you could have a community of women ready to guide you through prepping for an interview, dealing with a bad boss or taking your HR career to the next level?

HR Advice On-Demand

Our HR Support Center is loaded with actionable, easy-to-use custom templates, tools, a laws library, trainings, a custom handbook builder and more.

Personal Growth

Who you are off the clock matters! Our programming is designed to tackle the real issues women are faced with, from balancing motherhood and work, dating while careering or creating a financial plan to live the life you deserve.

Professional Advancement

From our active blog to our online resources, you will have no shortage of opportunities to stay up to date on the ever changing landscape of HR. Catch a member’s only webinar, read our book of the month, or join a Q&A with a leading HR Pro.

Unbelievable Value

You get all of what we mentioned above and more. To be exact, for $99 per year you’ll receive over $6,214 in member benefits.

Here's What All The


Is About

CharHR Bus. Partner, Chicago
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"....and to think that I had never heard of HR Girlfriends. I appreciate the unique opportunities available to connect within the LinkedIn group. I've engaged with so many HR professionals in various industries and geographic locations….Keep giving us new ways to grow".
TaylorHR Manager, Washington, DC
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"HR Girlfriends is such a cool concept. It's like I didn't know I was missing out until I was able to experience the women in the group. What I like most are the creative events you put on".
ToddHR Director, Washington, DC
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"HR Boyfriend ALERT 🙂 Yes, I'm a man but I love what you're doing for the profession. I just referred a co-worker to your website".

So Now What?

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HR Girlfriends is designed to support you no matter where you live. Our online platform will provide access to all of our member benefits, including other members. With that said, we’re expanding. In person networking is important and we have launched a city program to bring live programming to key markets beginning in May 2019.

The key to success is diversification. The reasons HR Girlfriends makes a good choice for you, a woman in HR, aren’t necessarily the same reasons you’d join another association. Joining multiple organizations makes for a well-rounded approach to success in your HR career.

There are several opportunities to support the HR Girlfriends mission once you’ve joined the community. Lead the live programming in your city or support a tribe of Girlfriends while showcasing your HR talent.

During the member registration process you will be asked to create a username (typically your email address) and password, which will serve as your login credentials for the member portal. The member portal is a self service tool where you can access all of the benefits that come with your membership, update your member profile information, and so much more.

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