Webinar: Top Down and Bottom Up Strategies for Diversity and Inclusion

A diversity and inclusion strategy is not just the responsibility of an HR department or the CEO of an organization, but the whole organization. It is a strategy that must include a top-down, bottom-up, and side-ways perspective. Teams and managers should take ownership of the company’s diversity and inclusion strategy, continue to be actively engaged […]

Webinar: Cyber Safety for Human Resources

HR Girlfriends is excited to announce in collaboration with our partner CertNexus a bi-monthly webinar series designed for HR Professionals seeking to advance their knowledge of emerging technologies such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Science. Why should HR care?In our ever-changing business environment, HR Pros are expected to have […]

Webinar: Creating an Emerging Technology Culture

Our next free session in the Top Emerging Tech Business Certification! In this one-hour session CertNexus’ experts will introduce how to build a culture to respond to the ever-evolving business needs as organizations embark on their digital transformation. Join us to learn:  What is emerging technology? Benefits of emerging technologies for HR What you need […]

Learn, Certify, LEAD! Earn a Resume Worthy CREDENTIAL (3 Courses Bundled into one)

Get the latest credential – ETBiz – and gain recognition for you and for your company: Tech is no longer just the concern for your IT department. HR has an important role to play in building and maintaining a tech culture, serving as digital transformation leaders. Digital transformation leaders need to understand the fundamental concepts, […]


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