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The Great Reshuffling – Webinar for Job Seekers

December 14 @ 1:00 PM 2:00 PM EST

Did you know that when you upload a resume to apply for a job, it is often read by technology first before it ever makes it to a human being?  And, unless your resume contains the keywords that technology is looking for, it is highly likely that the hiring manager will never even look at your application. 

That’s why landing a job requires an effective resume that can appeal to technology first (the ATS), and then to humans (Recruiters & Hiring Managers).

While each ATS is designed differently, and not all companies use the same ATS, it is still the first step in the hiring process; Impress the ATS and perhaps, just maybe you’ll get a call.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how your resume measures up before applying for your dream job? 

HR Girlfriends and its partner, IdealResume.com want to introduce you to the latest technology designed to increase the odds of having your resume seen by a hiring manager. 

We’ll help you get past the ATS bots that keep 70% of applicants from ever being considered for an interview. 

In fact, we’ll show you how to instantly score your resume against any job description using the same criteria as an employer’s ATS.

If you are frustrated with not getting callbacks on your resume, you’ll want to join us and gain insight into how you can better position your resume for success.

And, we have a very special offer for those attending the webinar…so sign up and stick around!

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