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The CyberSAFE Readiness training enables employees, consultants, and key stakeholders of any organization to identify many of the common risks associated with using conventional end-user technology. Delivered in a 1-hour or half-day format, CyberSAFE also prepares learners to earn their Certified CyberSAFE credential.

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This course is designed for non-technical end-users of computers, mobile devices, networks, and the internet. Students will identify many of the common risks involved in using technology, as well as how to use it safely, to protect themselves and their organizations from those risks.HR departments are often the target for phishing attacks seeking employee Personal Identifying Information (PII).

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Course Synopsis

HR professionals are immersed in a course that takes them through the essentials of identifying the need to improve organizational security and safely protect themselves. CyberSAFE builds on an understanding of how we interact on computers, mobile devices, networks, and the Internet. The course is delivered in a collaborative environment where open discussions are encouraged.

Lesson 1 - Identifying the Need for Security

Identify Security Compliance Requirements, Recognize Social Engineering

Lesson 2 - Securing Devices

Maintain Physical Security of Devices, Use Passwords for Security, Protect Your Data, Identify and Mitigate Malware, Use Wireless Devices Securely

Lesson 3 - Using the Internet Securely

Browse the Web Safely, Use Email Securely, Use Social Networking Securely, Use Cloud Services Securely

Course Synopsis
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    I recently found this page and I am in Love with it. I have walked away from each video with a thought or plan of action that I can use to impact my team. I am excited about the community that is building here!

    Tara Colbert

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    Fantastic site to help HR women navigate the industry!

    Dori Horowitz

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    It's a great organization that keeps HR professionals updated on current trends and topics!

    Vanessa Bennett

    Cyber Security is Everyone's Responsibility

    HR Girlfriends is committed to building and advancing cyber safe communities within the world of HR.

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