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01 Feb 2017
Q&A: Do Employees Have to Sign Their Timesheets?

Question: We have employees that submit time sheets. Is it mandatory that they sign them? Answer: Eric, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, one of our HR Pros says... It is not a requirement...

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19 Jan 2017
Q&A: When an Exempt Employee’s Salary May Be Reduced

Question: I have an exempt employee who only worked one day this week, but claims he needs to be paid for the whole week. Is that right? Answer: Margaret, PHR,...

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11 Jan 2017
Q&A: Addressing Poor Hygiene and Appearance

Question: Our receptionist has bad hygiene and an unacceptable appearance. She looks as though she’s just rolled out of bed, her body odor is noticeable to customers and vendors, and...

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04 Jan 2017
Q&A: Acceptable Workplace Poster Locations

Question: We currently have the federal workplace posters displayed in the lunch room. We want to use that space on the wall for other things, and we were thinking of...

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28 Dec 2016
Q&A: Can We Reimburse for the Cost of Meals?

Question: Currently, we pay our technicians $35 per day per diem for meals when they travel to attend training out of town. We have found that they sometimes eat very...

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21 Dec 2016
Q&A: How Performance-Based Raises Can Lead to Wage Compression

Question: Our senior leadership team wants to focus on compensation this quarter. Currently, our raises and bonuses are tied to performance. Can you help me to understand the HR best...

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16 Dec 2016
Reinvention Works: Reinvention Conversations from the Front Porch

From Property Manager to HR Professional with Chief Girlfriend, Sana Rasul Reinvention is a Choice™ Empowering people and businesses to take control of their next future through tools, networking and...

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14 Dec 2016
Q&A: Why Employers Have Inclusive Holiday Parties

Question: We want to host a Christmas party for our employees. One of our team members felt like we should call it a "Holiday Party” instead of a "Christmas Party.”...

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07 Dec 2016
Q&A: Can We Accept Expired ID for the I-9?

Question: A newly-hired employee cannot come up with proper identification for the Form I-9. He has presented an expired state ID, but no other documentation. I assume we can’t accept...

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30 Nov 2016
Q&A: Does Paid Time Off Affect Overtime?

Question: If a non-exempt employee uses paid time off one day and then works longer shifts the rest of the week (so their timesheet adds up to more than 40...

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