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01 Feb 2017
Q&A: Do Employees Have to Sign Their Timesheets?

Question: We have employees that submit time sheets. Is it mandatory that they sign them? Answer: Eric, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, one of our HR Pros says... It is not a requirement...

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19 Jan 2017
Q&A: When an Exempt Employee’s Salary May Be Reduced

Question: I have an exempt employee who only worked one day this week, but claims he needs to be paid for the whole week. Is that right? Answer: Margaret, PHR,...

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11 Jan 2017
Q&A: Addressing Poor Hygiene and Appearance

Question: Our receptionist has bad hygiene and an unacceptable appearance. She looks as though she’s just rolled out of bed, her body odor is noticeable to customers and vendors, and...

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16 Dec 2016
Reinvention Works: Reinvention Conversations from the Front Porch

From Property Manager to HR Professional with Chief Girlfriend, Sana Rasul Reinvention is a Choice™ Empowering people and businesses to take control of their next future through tools, networking and...

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24 Aug 2016
Sample Membership Justification Letter

HR Girlfriends Membership is designed to support the work that you do in human resources. Let us help you make the case for membership to your supervisor. * Copy and...

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