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Saná Rasul

09 Feb 2017
Q&A: Email from CEO requesting all records. Is this a scam?

Question: Our HR person received an email from the CEO requesting copies of employee payroll records, but the CEO did not send this email. Could this be a phishing scam?...

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20 Jan 2017
Federal Law Alert

The new Form I-9, released November 14, must be used starting Sunday, January 22. Since its release, employers have been able to use either the new form (with a revision...

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20 Jan 2016
Introducing HR Help Desk

Whether you're an HR Department of 1 or have multiple people in your group, having the (human) resources and support to help with your day-to-day activities and tasks is critical...

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03 Nov 2014
HRCI Interview – Sana’ Rasul, PHR; President @ HR Girlfriends

HRCI Interview with Sana' Rasul, PHR - President and Founder @ HR Girlfriends 

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