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HR Girlfriends is one of the largest HR membership organizations for professional women in the world. We cover both the work of HR and the career of the HR Pro. Readers follow us to learn how they can improve their contributions to their organizations, boost their productivity and accelerate their careers. We publish 3 newsletters every week with a different focus in each publication.

🌍 Reach a Global Audience of HR Professionals with HR Girlfriends Newsletter Ads!

Looking to expand your reach and connect with HR professionals worldwide?  HR Girlfriends offers you an exclusive opportunity to advertise in our highly acclaimed membership newsletters.

Why Advertise with HR Girlfriends?

1️⃣ Global Reach: With a diverse and engaged membership base spanning across the globe, your brand can reach HR professionals in North America, Europe, Asia, and beyond.

2️⃣ Niche Audience: Our newsletters are exclusively curated for Professional HR Girlfriends, ensuring that your message is delivered directly to the decision-makers and influencers in the HR field.

3️⃣ Engagement: HR Girlfriends members are active, passionate, and always eager to stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and services in the HR industry. Your ad will captivate an audience that values innovation and progress.

4️⃣ Credibility: Partnering with HR Girlfriends demonstrates your commitment to the HR community. Your ad will be associated with a trusted and respected brand in the industry.

📈 Maximize Your ROI with HR Girlfriends 📈

Imagine the possibilities when your brand is showcased in front of a global network of HR professionals eager to discover new solutions, products, and services. Whether you’re promoting HR software, training programs, consulting services, or any HR-related offering, HR Girlfriends can help you achieve your marketing objectives.

🔥 Don’t Miss Out on This Exclusive Opportunity! 🔥

Our newsletter ad space is limited, and demand is high. Secure your spot today to ensure that your message reaches the influential HR Girlfriends community.

Ready to elevate your brand’s visibility and connect with HR professionals worldwide? Contact us now to discuss advertising opportunities, pricing, and availability. Let’s work together to create a custom marketing strategy that aligns with your goals and budget.

Global Reach

Sent to 10,000+ subscribers

36% Open Rate

98% Female HR Pros

We offer 2 types of ads:


  • Premium placement near the header of the email. 400 characters max.
  • 1 Ad, 2 times per month = $1500 
  • (HRG will determine which publication the ad will be placed in.)
  • Bundle: Get a 15% discount for purchasing 4 spots. 


  • Placement in the top half of the email. 150 characters. 
  • 1 Ad, 2 times per month = $750 
  • (HRG will determine which publication the ad will be placed in.)
  • Bundle: Get a 15% discount for purchasing 4 spots. 

All ads are subject to approval. Products and services related to HR, career development, and HR professionals are best suited to our audience. Irrelevant ads like supplements and clothing will not be approved. A maximum of 1 ad can be purchased per issue. Multiple ads for future issues can be purchased at the same time.

Allow a minimum of two weeks from submission for your ad to be included.  We will notify you to inform you of the specific newsletter your ad will appear in.

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