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Sample Membership Justification Letter

HR Girlfriends Membership is designed to support the work that you do in human resources. Let us help you make the case for membership to your supervisor.
* Copy and paste the template below into a Word document or an email, and customize it to meet your needs.

Subject: Professional Development

Hi <<Supervisor>>,

HR Girlfriends is one of the fastest growing human resource associations’, supporting the personal and professional development of female HR professionals. I am eager to join, and am writing to ask you to invest in a membership for me.

As a member of HR Girlfriends, I will be able to access new education and training, research, and networking, along with discounts on HR products and events like HR Tech Fest. I’ll use my membership to connect with other HR professionals who are dealing with challenges and opportunities similar to those we are facing, and keep up to date on the latest developments in our field. I believe the resources and tools that come with my HR Girlfriends membership will help me better serve the employees who rely on me and our organization.

Here are some features that make it engaging:

  • FREE HR job postings on their highly recognized online career center.
  • 24/7 online HR Support Center, which includes an employee handbook wizard.
  • Regular Updates – HR Laws, Policies, and Trends.
  • Access to certification tools and resources, to include approved re-certification courses.
  • A large network of HR professionals and service providers.

A one-year membership will cost $99 per year. As a member, I would have access to tools and resources that can help sharpen my effectiveness on the job. The Membership fee is commensurate to the value that can be derived from this association.

Conversely, here are some factors that play out when one does not take advantage of this opportunity.

  • Loss of opportunity to network for the purposes of bringing best practices back to the organization.
  • Lack of exposure to valuable tools and resources that have the ability to improve on-the-job effectiveness.

All of the information about membership is available on their website, www.HRGirlfriends.com or I would be happy to tell you more about the specific advantages my HR Girlfriends membership would provide our team. I hope you’ll agree that this is a practical investment that will deliver real benefits for our organization. Thank you in advance for your anticipated positive response.

To our Professional Growth,

Your Name

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