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HR Girlfriends makes it possible for the women of Human Resources to connect for knowledge sharing, resource swapping, professional development and personal growth opportunities. Live Anywhere. Work Anywhere. We got you covered!

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It’s time you join forces with a community of like-minded peers ready to tackle the issues unique to the women of HR. 

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The first-ever HR certification designed for professionals who are just beginning their HR career journey. 

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Even with millions spent on cyber security infrastructure, all it takes is one employee clicking on one wrong link to compromise critical data, costing your company millions. 

Level-Up Your HR Career with the CyberSAFE™ Credential

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  • Affirmation: Hope lights up my life May 4, 2021
    My days are filled with happiness and purpose. I cultivate gratitude. I notice the pleasant events and valuable opportunities that greet me each day. I keep a journal of things I am thankful for and express my appreciation out loud on a regular basis. I give generously. Volunteering in my community or doing favors for […]
    HR Girlfriends
  • Affirmation: I take one step at a time. April 27, 2021
    A slow and steady approach keeps me happy and fulfilled. I break big projects down into smaller tasks. I find a starting point. I identify one thing I can do now. I build momentum that carries me forward. I set short-term goals and celebrate my progress. I give myself something to strive for each day. […]
    HR Girlfriends
  • Affirmation: I am consistent in my personal and professional lives. April 26, 2021
    My life choices are dictated by a standard set of values. Being true to myself means more than anything. Each morning, I take a moment to recommit to what I believe in. That allows me to remain authentic in each aspect of my life. I honor my system of beliefs even when they are challenged […]
    HR Girlfriends

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