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HR Girlfriends™ is a Human Resources networking organization dedicated to advancing the practice and culture of people empowerment. Our team of Girlfriends consult, train, educate, develop, share, promote, and advocate for solutions in the field of human resource management.

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  • Affirmation: On the highway of life, work does not drive me. March 23, 2019
    On the highway of life, work does not drive me. I drive work by staying calm and remaining positive. I am in control of my work and emotions. I am successful because I am dedicated to my work and passionate about my life. Therefore, peace and joy follow me wherever I go.  When I am […]
    Alice Gentry
  • Affirmation: I stay positive when circumstances seem grim. March 11, 2019
    Reality is more than just my perception. The truth is what I choose to believe about what I perceive. The eyes of my soul see clearly through the lens of faith, regardless of what my physical eyes see. When the world around me gets grim, I stay calm because the eyes of faith allow me […]
    HR Girlfriends
  • Protected Classes – Who are they? March 7, 2019
    Most employers have heard of the classes that are protected by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act – race, color, national origin, sex, and religion. But many employers aren’t aware that there are other federal and state laws that create protected classes, and that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and courts around the […]
    HR Girlfriends

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