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HR Girlfriends makes it possible for the women of Human Resources to connect for knowledge sharing, resource swapping, professional development and personal growth opportunities. Live Anywhere. Work Anywhere. We got you covered!

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  • Career Monday: A Fool-Proof Formula for Dealing with Coworkers Who Talk Too Much July 4, 2022
    Seven out the top 10 productivity killers involve too much socializing, according to a workplace survey by CareerBuilder. Maybe it’s the receptionist who describes her new diet each time you pass through the lobby, the manager who dominates weekly staff meetings, or the sales rep who stops by your cubicle for an hour at a […]
    HR Girlfriends
  • Q&A: Can we tell employees not to talk about their pay with each other? June 30, 2022
    Generally not. The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) grants all non-supervisory employees (not just those in unions) the right to organize and engage in “concerted activity” for the purpose of mutual aid or protection. Concerted means “in concert,” meaning more than one employee is involved. Activities for mutual aid and protection could include discussions about […]
    HR Girlfriends
  • Affirmation: Release Your Assertive Side and Get What You Want More Often June 28, 2022
    Assertiveness is an important part of communication. When you’re assertive, you’re standing up for yourself while respecting others. It’s also an excellent way to enhance your self-esteem and self-respect. The inability to be assertive suggests that part of you doesn’t believe you’re deserving of your request. The ability to be assertive also provides you with […]
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