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  • Q&A: Can we deny an employee’s use of accrued vacation time? May 23, 2019
    Yes, the decision to approve or deny the use of accrued vacation time is up to you, assuming you do so in a consistent and non-discriminatory manner. It would be acceptable, for example, to deny a vacation request because approving it would leave you without adequate coverage, or because the employee asked with less notice […]
    Alice Gentry
  • Affirmation: I Will Kick-Start My Day with 7 energizing activities May 21, 2019
    Mornings can be a tough part of the day. We don’t want to get up, and most of us certainly don’t want to go to work. But mornings are important. A good morning is the most important step to ensuring that you have a good day. If you stumble out of bed, shower, get dressed, […]
    Alice Gentry
  • Q&A: Can we give employees different amounts of vacation or PTO time? May 16, 2019
    If the differing amounts of vacation or PTO are based on a clearly-defined employee groupings, such as seniority, department, or exempt versus non-exempt status, then yes. It’s a common practice, for example, for employers to offer more vacation time to employees who have been with the organization for longer. Where you can run into trouble […]
    Alice Gentry

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