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  • Q&A: Can we withhold an employee’s paycheck until he returns company property? July 2, 2020
    We have an employee who offered to store some supplies at his home but now he is not returning our calls or in communication with us.   Can we withhold his paycheck until he returns the items to us? No. Withholding or delaying an employee’s paycheck would violate wage and hour laws. You could attempt to […]
    HR Girlfriends
  • Career Monday: Managing Your Time to Achieve Success June 29, 2020
    Living in the 21st century can be overwhelming. Your job is busier than ever, your kids are involved in several activities, and you’re busy keeping up with everything else around the house. Yet, you long to do other things that require a time commitment. Will you ever be able to juggle everything and still do […]
    HR Girlfriends
  • Q&A: How do we handle pay for an employee out on military leave? June 25, 2020
    There are two federal laws to consider when managing pay for employees on military leave: the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA). According to the FLSA, non-exempt employees only need to be paid for hours actually worked. Exempt employees, however, must receive their full weekly salary […]
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