HR Girlfriends is a professional Human Resources organization.

HR Girlfriends™ was started in November 2010 as a group. The original name of the group was called HR Professional Girlfriends. After the original creator of the group found herself too busy to run the group she passed the baton. With change in leadership the name was shortened to HR Girlfriends.

In March 2013 the baton was passed yet again to Sana’ Rasul, who has taken HR Girlfriends in a new and exciting direction. What was once an unofficial group of female HR professionals is now a dynamic community meeting the ever-changing needs of its members.


Our members are part of an elite community of Human Resources practitioners, experts and professionals  looking for opportunities to professionally and socially collaborate.

HR Girlfriends™ envisions a global community of Human Resource professionals capable of acquiring the skills, knowledge and abilities to pursue a career worthy of their dreams.

HR Girlfriends™ believes that career progression starts with your network and HR professionals have the power to take control of their professional destinies. We are in place to serve the more than 200K women across the globe in human resources by providing:

  • Comprehensive Job Search Website
  • Informational Webinars
  • Speaker Facilitated Events
  • Happy Hours and Special Events
  • HRCI Approved for Credit Events
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Membership Perks and Discounts
  • Authentic Connections

It is our goal to offer the tools for female HR professionals to network, collaborate and nurture authentic relationships for support and career advancement. We are dedicated to professional development, superior member service and satisfying our partners and sponsors.